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2019-09-07 18:30:50
Type: Object/s-Discovery/Classification
ePESSTO+ spectroscopic classification of optical transients
Authors: N. Ihanec, M. Gromadzki (Warsaw), S. Brennan, E. Callis (Univ. College Dublin), L. Galbany (U. Pittsburgh), G. Pignata (UNAB/MAS), S. Taubenberger (MPA-Garching), J. Anderson (ESO), T. Muller Bravo (Southampton), T.-W. Chen (MPE), C. Inserra (Cardiff), E. Kankare (Turku), M. Nicholl (Edinburgh), O. Yaron, l. Manulis (Weizmann), D. Young (QUB), L. Wyrzykowski (Warsaw), J. Tonry, L. Denneau, A. Heinze, H. Weiland, H. Flewelling (IfA, Univ. of Hawaii), B. Stalder (LSST), A. Rest (STScI), K. W. Smith, S. J. Smartt, O. McBrien, S. Srivastav, D. R. Young (QUB), A. Pastorello (INAF-Padova), A. Gal-Yam (Wizmann)
Source Group: ePESSTO+
This report includes classifications of seven Type Ia's, one of them is Type Ia-91T, two Type II's., one Type Ic. AT2019ovu reminds of spectrum of 2008ha-like SN, superimposed by host emission lines. Two targets, AT2019pky and AT2019pal were not visible in 10 and 20 s acquisition image, respectively. We encourage followup observations.

ePESSTO+, the advanced Public ESO Spectroscopic Survey for Transient Objects (Smartt et al. 2015 2015A&A...579A..40S), reports the following supernova classifications.

Targets were supplied by the ATLAS survey (Tonry et al. 2018 2018PASP..130f4505T), the All Sky Automated Survey for SuperNovae ASAS-SN (see Shappee et al. 2014 2014ApJ...788...48S), the ESA Gaia Photometric Science Alerts Team DPAC and OGLE-IV Real-time Transient Search (Wyrzykowski et al., 2014 arxiv:1409.1095;

Observations were performed on the ESO New Technology Telescope (NTT) at La Silla on the night of 2019 September 6, using EFOSC2 and Grism 13 (3985-9315A, 18A resolution). Classifications were done using SNID (Blondin & Tonry 2007 2007ApJ...666.1024B) and GELATO (Harutyunyan et al. 2008 2008A&A...488..383H).

The classification spectra and additional details can be obtained from (via WISeREP) and the IAU Transient Name Server.

The classified objects are listed in the Related Objects table below.

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CatalogNameReported RAReported DECReported Obj-TypeReported RedshiftHost NameHost RedshiftSourcePhase (days)RemarksTNS RATNS DECTNS Obj-TypeTNS Redshift
TNS2019omo [ASASSN-19uj]03:12:27.953-64:55:35.40SN II0.0335APMUKS(BJ) B031141.45-650647.3ASAS-SN~ +14young Type II, redshift measured form spectral lines03:12:27.970-64:55:38.93SN II0.0335
TNS2019ovu [ASASSN-19vh]02:10:05.837-32:56:19.86SN Iax[02cx-like]0.011174IC 17830.011174ASAS-SN+7/10spectrum shows many low velocity lines (Si II at 3000 km/s and Ca II and 3500 km/s). Spectrum reminds of 2008ha like SN, 7-10 after maximum, superimposed by host emission lines, redshift taken from NED02:10:05.800-32:56:19.54SN Iax[02cx-like]0.011174
TNS2019ozz [ASASSN-19vk]19:20:01.752-60:49:03.18SN Ia0.036232FAIRALL 00560.036232ASAS-SN-7/+5redshift from NED19:20:01.850-60:49:04.94SN Ia0.0362
TNS2019pcp [Gaia19dwo]05:38:46.310-62:37:08.83SN Ia0.083OGLE-GAL-LMC597.30-1034.267-3100.189Gaia+8redshift from SNID match05:38:46.310-62:37:08.83SN Ia0.083
TNS2019pcr [Gaia19dxe]01:04:26.890-64:07:32.34SN II0.018883OGLE-GAL-SMC806.31-1180.189-841.778Gaia+5redshift from NED01:04:26.890-64:07:32.34SN II0.0189
TNS2019pgr05:12:55.350-61:10:11.90SN Ia0.115OGLE-GAL-MBR130.15-261.736-2842.467OGLE+4redshift from SNID match05:12:55.350-61:10:11.90SN Ia0.115
TNS2019phq [ASASSN-19vo]00:35:30.360-52:10:58.94SN Ia-91T-like0.054FAIRALL 03680.042029ASAS-SN-3redshift from SNID match00:35:30.420-52:10:57.00SN Ia-91T-like0.054
TNS2019pij05:08:34.320-60:41:31.70SN Ia0.096OGLE-GAL-LMC580.29-1879.362-4246.821OGLE-3redshift from SNID match05:08:34.320-60:41:31.70SN Ia0.096
TNS2019pik02:20:32.960-73:23:03.60SN Ic0.1184OGLE-GAL-MBR113.30-1418.879-754.769OGLElow S/N but compatible with being a Ic, redshift measure form spectral lines02:20:32.960-73:23:03.60SN Ic0.1184
TNS2019pia04:18:26.760-68:34:01.700.094OGLE-GAL-LMC616.21-522.381-3527.520OGLE-4/+3redshift from SNID match04:18:26.760-68:34:01.70SN Ia0.094
TNS2019owu [ATLAS19tsi]03:46:01.576-20:30:27.92SN Ia0.035ATLAS-1redshift from SNID match03:46:01.580-20:30:28.01SN Ia0.035
TNS2019pky [ASASSN-19we]19:05:49.658-54:32:53.30GALEXASC J190549.75-543254.4ASAS-SNobject not visible in 10 s acquisition image19:05:49.470-54:32:54.31
TNS2019pal [Gaia19dve]19:24:43.310-30:03:03.28Gaiaobject not visible in 20 s acquisition image19:24:43.310-30:03:03.28