AstroNote 2020-93

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2020-04-28 23:42:41
Type: Announcement-Data Release
Release of PTF Type Ia objects/spectra via WISeREP
Authors: Peter Nugent (LBNL, UCB), Mark Sullivan (University of Southampton), D. Andrew Howell (LCOGT, UCSB), Kate Maguire (Trinity College Dublin)
We are glad to inform the community of the release on WISeREP of all Type Ia supernova (SN Ia) objects and spectra that were obtained during the PTF survey from 2009-2012. The total sample of the PTF Type Ia's, now available in the public domain, amounts to 1,927 spectra taken at 15 telescopes of 1,243 individual supernova. This release adds 1,469 spectra of 576 supernovae to the previously released data sets from the PTF SN Ia Working Group.

The PTF SN Ia Working group was formed to discover SNe Ia in the nearby Hubble flow in order to make a determination of the dependence of SN Ia properties on their host properties and local environments, measurement of the volumetric rates of SNe Ia, and construct a new SN Ia Hubble diagram. In addition, the group discovered several very young, nearby and unique SNe Ia for which new insights and major constraints on the physics of SNe Ia were constructed. From 2009-2012, the Palomar Transient Factory (Law et al., 2009) spectroscopically confirmed 1,243 SNe Ia. Previous, major releases of data from the PTF SN Ia Working Group followed the publications of Maguire et al. (2014) and Pan et al. (2015), as well as individual spectra for SN 2011fe in Nugent et al. (2011), PTF09dav in Sullivan et al. (2011) and PTF11kx in Dilday et al. (2012) among others. The rate calculation for these events is found in Frohmaier et al. (2019).

With this data release, we are now making public all objects and spectra of the SNe Ia found by PTF. A list of the complete sample of PTF SN Ia is attached. These are direct links to WISeREP for listing all PTF Ia supernova and spectra. In the following months, we will be releasing final photometry for these objects as well. Note that roughly 30 SNe Ia have no spectra as these were spectroscopically confirmed by other groups (as they were co-discovered by PTF and one or more other groups) or the final reductions need to be improved in the coming weeks.

We would like to thank the staff, queue observers and friends who helped us obtain spectra during PTF at the following observatories: Palomar Observatory, W.M. Keck Observatory, Lick Observatory, William Herschel Telescope, Gemini Telescopes, Mayall Telescope, the SNIFS Collaboration on the University of Hawaii 88" Telescope, Hubble Space Telescope, Liverpool Telescope, Hobby-Eberly Telescope, Very Large Telescope, Telescopio Nazionale Galileo, Nordic Optical Telescope and the Las Campanas Observatory.

The following list (hopefully complete, apologies to those we forgot) of individuals were responsible for observing and/or reducing the spectroscopic data obtained by the PTF SN Ia Working Group. We thank them for all their hard work: Iair Arcavi, Carles Badenes, Tom Barlow, Aaron Barth, Eric Bellm, Sagi Ben-Ami, Rau Bhalerao, Varun Bhalerao, Peter Blanchard, Joshua Bloom, Janos Botyanszki, Yi Cao, Daniel Carson, Brad Cenko, Michael Childress, Kuenley Chiu, J. Choi, Kelsey Clubb, Bethany Cobb, Judy Cohen, Jeff Cooke, Nino Cucchiara, Paul Dunstall, Richard Ellis, Alex Filippenko, Ryan Foley, Derek Fox, Morgan Fraser, Avishay Gal-Yam, Melissa Graham, Chris Griffith, Paul Groot, Jacob Hermann Olesen, Graham Herzig, Sebastian Hoenig, Isobel Hook, Assaf Horesh, Griffin Hosseinzadeh, Eric Hsiao, Joel Jonsson, Michael Kandrashoff, Daniel Kasen, Mansi Kasliwal, David Khatami, Io Kleiser, Nick Konidaris, Rubina Kotak, Shri Kulkarni, Thomas Kupfer, Andreas Larsen, Shane Larson, David Levitan, Chris Lidman, Tom Matheson, Don Neill, Samaya Nissanke, Eran Ofek, Yen-Chen Pan, Dan Perley, Daniel Perley, David Polishook, Dovi Poznanski, Robert Quimby, Branimir Sesar, Isaac Shivvers, Jeff Silverman, Alessandro Sonnenfeld, Thea Steele, Nao Suzuki, Sumin Tang, Shriharsh Tendulkar, Christopher Theissen, Kaew Tinyanont, Erik Tollerud, Tomasso Treu, Sjoert van Velzen, Kars Verbeek, Adam Waszczak, Adam Waszczak, Dong Xu, Ofer Yaron and Barak Zackay.