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Released: 2020-05-17 14:33:45
AT 2019avd shows strong Bowen fluorescence emission lines
Benny Trakhtenbrot (TAU), Iair Arcavi (TAU), Claudio Ricci (UDP), Jamie Burke (UCSB/LCO)
Keywords: AGN, Spectroscopy
Related Objects:
RA, DEC:08:23:36.767, +04:23:02.46
(125.903198, 4.384017)
AT 2019avd was recently reported as a new soft X-ray transient by eROSITA (ATel #13712). Our optical spectrum from 2020 May 10 (LCO/FLOYDS-S) shows AGN-like emission lines, specifically a broad Hal...
Released: 2019-04-05 09:54:47
Classificaiton of AT 2019brs as an AT 2017bgt-like SMBH-Related Flare
I. Arcavi (Tel Aviv University), B. Trakhtenbrot (Tel Aviv University), D. Hiramatsu (Las Cumbres Observaotry / UC Sa...
Related Objects:
2019brs [Gaia19axp]
RA, DEC:14:27:46.400, +29:30:38.27
(216.943333, 29.510631)
2017bgt [ASASSN-17cv]
RA, DEC:16:11:05.518, +02:34:02.14
(242.772990, 2.567260)

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Released: 2020-05-07
Views Count: 1038
Classification of SN 2020jfo (ZTF20aaynrrh) as a young Type II supernova
Daniel Perley (LJMU), Cristina Barbarino (Stockholm), Jesper Sollerman (Stockholm), Tassilo Schwe...
Released: 2019-12-31
Views Count: 837
ePESSTO+ re-classification of AT2019xis as a light echo of SN 1987A in the LMC.
S. Taubenberger (MPA), D. Malesani (DTU Space), G. Terreran (Northwestern), S. J. Smartt (QUB), A...
Released: 2019-05-03
Views Count: 806
Classification of AT 2019ein as a young SN Ia-peculiar
Jamison Burke (Las Cumbres Observatory/UC Santa Barbara), Iair Arcavi (Tel Aviv University), D. A...
Released: 2019-03-25
Views Count: 699
Possible LBV Eruption at the Site of SN 2010ct
Ron Arbour
Released: 2020-06-25
Views Count: 665
ATLAS20qoq (AT2020nlb): discovery of a candidate SN in MESSIER 85 (17 Mpc)
A. Townsend (Queen's University Belfast / University of Manchester), K. W. Smith, S. Srivast...
Released: 2020-05-07
Views Count: 556
ZTF early discovery and rapid follow-up of the infant SN ZTF20aaynrrh / 2020jfo
Steve Schulze (WIS), Jesper Sollermann (OKC), Daniel A. Perley (LJMU), Anna Ho (Caltech), Yi Yang...
Released: 2019-07-20
Views Count: 553
Pan-STARRS Search for Kilonovae : discovery of an intrinsically faint transient in UGC 12798 (68 Mpc)
S. J. Smartt, (Queen's University Belfast), K. C. Chambers, (IfA, University of Hawaii) K. W...
Released: 2019-03-25
Views Count: 520
The AstroNotes notifications system
Avishay Gal-Yam, Ofer Yaron, Avner Sass, Eran Ofek, Nikola Knezevic, Ilan Manulis (WIS)
Released: 2019-06-14
Views Count: 480
Long rise and bump feature in the lightcurve of AT2019fdr - spectroscopy requested
S. J. Smartt, K. W. Smith, O. McBrien, S. Srivastav, J. Gillanders (Queen's University Belfa...
Released: 2019-08-28
Views Count: 476
ZTF and LT Discovery of the Bright, Nearby Superluminous Supernova SN 2019neq / ZTF19abpbopt
Daniel A. Perley (LJMU), Lin Yan (Caltech), Avishay Gal-Yam (Weizmann), Steve Schulze (Weizmann),...

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Released: 2020-03-30
Views Count: 209
Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs) now reported to and distributed via the TNS
O. Yaron, E. Ofek, A. Gal-Yam, A. Sass (Weizmann)