Discovery certificate for object 2013kh
TNS Astronomical Transient Report No. 43336 [ 2019TNSTR1437....1T ]

Date Received (UTC): 2019-08-07 10:06:28
Sender: Mr. Richard Nowell
Reporting Group: None     Discovery Data Source: None

Ine Theunissen-Limpens report/s the discovery of a new astronomical transient.

IAU Designation: AT 2013kh
Coordinates (J2000): RA = 11:48:32.760 (177.1365) DEC = +12:42:48.96 (12.7136)
Discovery date: 2013-04-25 07:39:10.000 (JD=2456407.8188657)

Potential host galaxy: SDSS J114832.94+124252.3
Host redshift: 0.107

Remarks: This transient was identified by Ine Theunissen on the Galaxy Zoo website here: The discussion was started by Sylvia Beer. The transient was originally identified in DECaLS DR5 but an earlier PanSTARRS DR1 image was found. The redshift is an estimated SDSS value.


Discovery (first detection):
Discovery date: 2013-04-25 07:39:10.000
Flux: 22.43 ABMag
Filter: r-Sloan
Instrument: GPC1
Telescope: Pan-STARRS

Remarks: The r-band Apparent magnitude was calculated by Richard Nowell using APT and reference star: SDSS J114828.76+124228.7 The r-band Absolute magnitude of -15.94 was also calculated. An SDSS r-band reference for the star was taken from SDSS values as no other reference was available.

Last non-detection:
Archival info: SDSS

Details of the new object can be viewed here: