Discovery certificate for object 2014fs
TNS Astronomical Transient Report No. 19062 [ 2018TNSTR.745....1J ]

Date Received (UTC): 2018-06-04 11:26:35
Sender: Mr. Richard Nowell
Reporting Group: None     Discovery Data Source: None

A. Jonkeren, R. Nowell, M. Walmsley, L. Seguin report/s the discovery of a new astronomical transient.

IAU Designation: AT 2014fs
Coordinates (J2000): RA = 10:28:42.792 (157.1783) DEC = -00:08:39.48 (-0.1443)
Discovery date: 2014-12-30 08:14:17.000 (JD=2457021.8432523)

Potential host galaxy: SDSS J102842.76-000840.1
Host redshift: 0.035

Remarks: This transient was first noticed in a discussion on the Galaxy Zoo website started by participant ak11. Other participants are: A. Jonkeren, R. Nowell, M. Walmsley, L. Seguin and Justinnnn. The discussion's link is: . Participant ak11 had two messages sent to that name, but there has been no reply and so no proper name can be given.


Discovery (first detection):
Discovery date: 2014-12-30 08:14:17.000
Flux: 17.65 ABMag
Filter: R-Cousins
Instrument: DECAM
Telescope: CTIO - 4-m Victor M. Blanco Telescope

Remarks: The r-band magnitude was calculated using APT and a reference star SDSS J102842.71-000803.4 . This has a DECaLS r-band value of r=19.53. Because of the very strong source intensity of the transient, I calculated another magnitude value which used the total source intensity 66963 minus the source intensity of the host galaxy in December 2016 which is 12319. This gave a value of source intensity = 54644 for just the transient alone, as far as I could surmise. This calculation gave a r-band value = 17.87.

Last non-detection:
Archival info: SDSS

Details of the new object can be viewed here: