SN 2017drh
RA/DEC (2000)
17:32:26.060 +07:03:47.38
263.108583 +7.063161
Reporting Group
Discovering Data Source
Discovery Date
2017-05-03 13:55:12.000
Host Name
Discovery Mag
S. Valenti, D.J.Sand, L. Tartaglia


 SN_2017drh - 2017-05-03 13:40:47 FTN / FLOYDS-N (Global SN Project)z=
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SelectIDObs-date (UT)Tel / InstExp-TimeObserver/sReducer/sGroupSpectrum ascii fileSpectrum fits fileSpec. TypeAssoc. GroupsEnd prop. periodRemarks
10002017-05-03 13:40:47FTN / FLOYDS-N3600Las Cumbres ObservatoryStefano ValentiGlobal SN Project tns_2017drh_2017-05-03.57_FTN_FLOYDS-N_Global_SN_Project.asci tns_2017drh_2017-05-03.57_FTN_FLOYDS-N_Global_SN_Project.fitsObjectGlobal SN Project
Light Curves
FilterTel / InstObs-date rangePhotometry
Clear-Other_Other2017-05-01 08:45:36 - 2017-05-21 12:06:363
IDObs-dateMag. / FluxErrLim. Mag./FluxUnitsFilterTel / InstExp-timeObserver/sRemarks
172042017-05-21 12:06:3615.4VegaMagClear-Other_OtherT.Noguchi0.23-m f/10
166462017-05-03 08:44:0917.93560.1ABMagClear-Other_Other60RobotPrompt5 0.4m
166452017-05-01 08:45:3620.4723ABMagClear-Other_Other60Robot[Last non detection] Prompt5 0.4m
i-SloanPS1_GPC12017-08-08 07:32:09 - 2017-08-08 07:32:091
IDObs-dateMag. / FluxErrLim. Mag./FluxUnitsFilterTel / InstExp-timeObserver/sRemarks
236952017-08-08 07:32:0918.040.0120.7ABMagi-SloanPS1_GPC145Robot
G-GaiaGaia_Gaia-photometric2017-04-30 11:58:33 - 2017-08-07 08:35:312
IDObs-dateMag. / FluxErrLim. Mag./FluxUnitsFilterTel / InstExp-timeObserver/sRemarks
193582017-08-07 08:35:3118.490.2ABMagG-GaiaGaia_Gaia-photometric60Robot
193572017-04-30 11:58:3321.5ABMagG-GaiaGaia_Gaia-photometricRobot[Last non detection]
AT Reports
IDTime received (UT)SenderReporter/sReportting groupDisc. Data SourceRADECDiscovery date (UT)Discovery Mag.FilterRelated filesAT TypeInternal nameAssoc. GroupsEnd prop. periodRemarks
156052017-12-29 19:25:03PS1_Bot1K. C. Chambers, M. E. Huber, H. Flewelling, E. A. Magnier, A. Schultz, T. Lowe, J. Bulger (IfA, University of Hawaii), S. J. Smartt, K. W. Smith (Queen's University Belfast), J. Tonry, C. Waters, (IfA, University of Hawaii) D. E. Wright (University of Minnesota), D. R. Young (Queen's University Belfast)Pan-STARRS1Pan-STARRS117:32:26.065+07:03:47.552017-08-08 07:32:09.00018.04i-SloanPSNPS17fkfPan-STARRS1
130202017-08-09 12:41:01Gaia_Bot1A. Delgado, D. Harrison, S. Hodgkin, M. van Leeuwen, G. Rixon, A. Yoldas (University of Cambridge), on behalf of Gaia Alerts teamGaiaAlertsGaiaAlerts17:32:26.060+07:03:47.382017-08-07 08:35:31.00018.49G-GaiaPSNGaia17bzlGaiaAlertsConfirmed SNIa SN2017drh near NGC 6384. Spectrum available on TNS.
116282017-05-21 12:30:47T.NoguchiToshihide Noguchi17:32:26.070+07:03:48.002017-05-21 12:06:36.00015.4Clear-PSN
112432017-05-03 14:00:03DLT40_bot1S. Valenti, D.J.Sand, L. TartagliaDLT40DLT4017:32:26.050+07:03:47.522017-05-03 13:55:12.00017.9356Clear-PSNDLT17awDLT40
Classification Reports
IDTime received (UT)SenderClassifier/sGroupClassificationRedshiftRelated filesAssoc. GroupsEnd prop. periodRemarksADS Bibcode
9902017-05-03 16:21:25griffinS. Valenti, K. A. Bostroem, D. Sand, S. Wyatt, L. Tartaglia, G. Hosseinzadeh, I. Arcavi, D. A. Howell, C. McCullyGlobal SN ProjectSN Ia0.005554Global SN ProjectUsing SNID (Blondin & Tonry 2007, ApJ, 666, 1024), we find a good fit to the Type Ia SN 2002eo at 2 weeks before maximum light. The spectrum is red suggesting that the SN is highly extinguished2017TNSCR.516....1V


Object coordinates updated according to AT-report 13020 of Group GaiaAlerts
Previous RA, DEC: 17:32:26.050, +07:03:47.52 (263.108542, +7.0632)
Updated RA, DEC: 17:32:26.060, +07:03:47.38 (263.108583, 7.063161)

This transient was observed by Massimo Caimmi on 2017 04 29.98124 from Valdicerro Observatory C92 - Loreto (AN) - Italy using 0.24-m f/6.5 SCT + CCD Atik 314L in the course of Italian Supernovae Search Project (ISSP). Stack of 15 unfiltered b2x2 frames x 30sec unguided exposures, show the source at 15.7 Mag. End figures for astrometry were AR. 26.05s and DEC. 47.5" position measured from UCAC-4 reference stars catalogue.