Discovery certificate for object 2017iuk
TNS Astronomical Transient Report No. 15244 [ 2017TNSTR1383....1P ]

Date Received (UTC): 2017-12-08 04:32:43
Sender: Dr. Antonio de Ugarte Postigo
Reporting Group: HETH     Discovery Data Source: HETH

Antonio de Ugarte Postigo (HETH/IAA-CSIC, DARK/NBI), Luca Izzo (HETH/IAA-CSIC), D.A. Kann (HETH/IAA-CSIC), C.C. Thoene (HETH/IAA-CSIC) report/s the discovery of a new astronomical transient.

IAU Designation: SN 2017iuk
Discoverer internal name: HETH-SN1
Coordinates (J2000): RA = 11:09:39.520 (167.414667) DEC = -12:35:18.34 (-12.588428)
Discovery date: 2017-12-07 06:05:00.000 (JD=2458094.7534722)

Potential host galaxy: 2MASX J11093966-1235116
Host redshift: 0.0368

Remarks: We report the discovery of the SN associated to GRB 171205A (the afterglow was first reported by Izzo et al. GCN 22180) through the detection of broad spectroscopic features emerging from the afterglow continuum.


Discovery (first detection):
Discovery date: 2017-12-07 06:05:00.000
Flux: 18.72 ABMag
Filter: r-Sloan
Instrument: OSIRIS
Telescope: Gran Telescopio Canarias

Remarks: The SN associated with GRB 171205A is beginning to emerge from the afterglow continuum. The photometry reported here is still strongly affected by the afterglow continuum of this GRB. The discovery of the SN is based on the spectroscopic observations that were performed with this photometry.

Last non-detection:
Archival info: Other
Remarks: Object is not detected in the pre-explosion Pan-STARRS images

Details of the new object can be viewed here: