Discovery certificate for object 2018jib
TNS Astronomical Transient Report No. 25804 [ 2018TNSTR2050....1Z ]

Date Received (UTC): 2018-12-03 15:13:31
Sender: Mr. Mi Zhang
Reporting Group: XOSS     Discovery Data Source: XOSS

Mi Zhang, Xing Gao report/s the discovery of a new astronomical transient.

IAU Designation: AT 2018jib
Discoverer internal name: XM04MZ
Coordinates (J2000): RA = 00:42:40.650 (10.669375) DEC = +41:11:08.00 (41.185556)
Discovery date: 2018-12-03 14:16:27.000 (JD=2458456.0947569)

Potential host galaxy: M31

Remarks: Mi Zhang and Xing Gao, report the discovery of a possible nova (mag approximately 18.7) on severl 300-s survey images (limiting mag about 20.0) taken by Xing Gao in Xingming Observatory Sky Survey(C42) around Dec. 03.59476 UT using a unfiltered CCD ( + 0.6-m f/8 Ritchey-Chretien telescope ). The transient approximately located at R.A.=00h42m40.65s +41d11'08".0 (equinox 2000.0). Which is about 41.4" west and 300.5" south of the center of the NGC224(M31). Nothing is visible at this position on archival images taken on Dec. 01.71958 UT(limiting mag 19.5).


Discovery (first detection):
Discovery date: 2018-12-03 14:16:27.000
Flux: 18.7 VegaMag
Filter: Clear-
Instrument: Other
Telescope: Other

Remarks: using a unfiltered CCD ( + 0.6-m f/8 Ritchey-Chretien telescope ).

Last non-detection:
Archival info: DSS

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