SN 2018pv
RA/DEC (2000)
11:52:55.760 +36:59:10.36
178.232333 +36.986211
Reporting Group
Discovering Data Source
Discovery Date
2018-02-03 15:09:07.000
Host Name
Discovery Mag
Masaki Tsuboi


 SN_2018pv - 2018-02-08 16:47:59 Kanata / HOWPol (None)z=
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SelectIDObs-date (UT)Tel / InstExp-TimeObserver/sReducer/sGroupSpectrum ascii fileSpectrum fits fileSpec. TypeAssoc. GroupsEnd prop. periodRemarks
17122018-02-08 16:47:59Kanata / HOWPol600T. Nakaoka, M. Kawabata, R. HuangM. YamanakaNone tns_2018pv_2018-02-08.7_Kanata_HOWPol.txtObjectThe spectrum resembles with that of a normal Type Ia supernova (SN Ia) at the pre-maximum stage. Using the automatic SN classification tool, GELATO (Harutyunyan et al., 2008, A&A, 488, 383), the spectrum would be similar to that of SN 1992A at the 5 days before maximum. We identified the absorption lines of the CaII IR triplet, OI 7774, SiII 6355, SiII 5972, SII W-shape feature, and Fe II multiplet in our spectrum. The CaII IR triplet, OI 7774, and SiII 6355 line velocities were measured to be ~16500, ~16500, and ~13000 km/s, respectively. The SiII 5972 absorption line was significantly deeper than that of SN 1992A, suggesting that this SN might be a more subluminous event. We measured the equivalent width (EW) of the NaID line as to 0.9 angstrom, suggesting that the host galactic extinction could be very large (A_V~0.5-2.0). Even if the extinction is corrected for, this SN could be still in the rising phase. Follow-up observations could be encouraged.
Light Curves
FilterTel / InstObs-date rangePhotometry
Other-Other_Other2018-01-25 16:06:55 - 2018-01-25 16:06:551
IDObs-dateMag. / FluxErrLim. Mag./FluxUnitsFilterTel / InstExp-timeObserver/sRemarks
252782018-01-25 16:06:5517.4VegaMagOther-Other_Other20M.Tsuboi[Last non detection] Telescope:0.35-m f/4.6 reflector
Clear-Other_Other2018-02-03 15:09:07 - 2018-02-03 15:09:071
IDObs-dateMag. / FluxErrLim. Mag./FluxUnitsFilterTel / InstExp-timeObserver/sRemarks
252792018-02-03 15:09:0715.117.7VegaMagClear-Other_Other20M.TsuboiTelescope:0.35-m f/4.6 reflector
orange-ATLASATLAS1_ACAM12018-01-02 13:49:26 - 2018-01-10 14:36:572
IDObs-dateMag. / FluxErrLim. Mag./FluxUnitsFilterTel / InstExp-timeObserver/sRemarks
256132018-01-10 14:36:5717.1280.15619.56ABMagorange-ATLASATLAS1_ACAM130Robot
256122018-01-02 13:49:2618.78ABMagorange-ATLASATLAS1_ACAM130Robot[Last non detection]
G-GaiaGaia_Gaia-photometric2018-01-11 22:27:50 - 2018-04-16 11:19:402
IDObs-dateMag. / FluxErrLim. Mag./FluxUnitsFilterTel / InstExp-timeObserver/sRemarks
270782018-04-16 11:19:4015.350.2ABMagG-GaiaGaia_Gaia-photometric60Robot
270772018-01-11 22:27:5021.5ABMagG-GaiaGaia_Gaia-photometricRobot[Last non detection]
AT Reports
IDTime received (UT)SenderReporter/sReportting groupDisc. Data SourceRADECDiscovery date (UT)Discovery Mag.FilterRelated filesAT TypeInternal nameAssoc. GroupsEnd prop. periodRemarks
178122018-04-17 23:26:07Gaia_Bot1A. Delgado, D. Harrison, S. Hodgkin, M. van Leeuwen, G. Rixon, A. Yoldas (University of Cambridge), on behalf of Gaia Alerts teamGaiaAlertsGaiaAlerts11:52:55.760+36:59:10.362018-04-16 11:19:40.00015.35G-GaiaPSNGaia18ayxGaiaAlertsconfirmed SN Ia in galaxy NGC3491, aka SN 2018pv
170082018-02-19 00:00:02ATLAS_Bot1J. Tonry, B. Stalder, L. Denneau, A. Heinze, H. Weiland (IfA, University of Hawaii), A. Rest (STScI), K.W. Smith, S. J. Smartt, M. Fulton, O. McBrien (Queen's University Belfast)ATLASATLAS11:52:55.745+36:59:10.192018-01-10 14:36:57.00017.128orange-ATLASPSNATLAS18mciATLAS
168002018-02-08 18:23:28mtsuboiMasaki Tsuboi11:52:55.700+36:59:11.602018-02-03 15:09:07.00015.1Clear-PSNOffsets:3″ Eand0″NofNGC3941
Related files
FileFile TypeCommentsLast Modified (UT)Modified By
tns_2018pv_atrep_16800.jpgGraphics2018-02-08 18:23:28mtsuboi
tns_2018pv_atrep_16800_0.jpgGraphics2018-02-07 15:37:38(UT) Telescope:0.35-m f/4.6 reflector2018-02-08 18:23:28mtsuboi
Classification Reports
IDTime received (UT)SenderClassifier/sGroupClassificationRedshiftRelated filesAssoc. GroupsEnd prop. periodRemarksADS Bibcode
17072018-02-08 18:48:56myamanakaMasayuki YamanakaNoneSN Ia0.0031SN Ia at the premaximum phase2018TNSCR.181....1Y


Object coordinates updated according to AT-report 17812 of Group GaiaAlerts
Previous RA, DEC: 11:52:55.700, +36:59:11.60 (178.232083, +36.986556)
Updated RA, DEC: 11:52:55.760, +36:59:10.36 (178.232333, 36.986211)