SN 2018rz
RA/DEC (2000)
14:27:11.440 -02:16:11.21
216.797667 -2.269781
Reporting Group
Discovering Data Source
Discovery Date
2018-02-11 04:36:09.000
Host Name
Discovery Mag
Simone Leonini


 SN_2018rz - 2018-02-12 20:42:25 BAO-2.16m / Cassegrain (None)z=
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SelectIDObs-date (UT)Tel / InstExp-TimeObserver/sReducer/sGroupSpectrum ascii fileSpectrum fits fileSpec. TypeAssoc. GroupsEnd prop. periodRemarks
17252018-02-12 20:42:25BAO-2.16m / Cassegrain3600Z. Chen(THU), F. Xiao, H. Wang(NAOC)H. Lin(THU)None tns_2018rz_2458162.3628_BAO-2.16m_Cassegrain.txtObjectTNTS
Light Curves
FilterTel / InstObs-date rangePhotometry
Clear-Other_Other2017-06-12 02:34:00 - 2018-02-11 04:36:092
IDObs-dateMag. / FluxErrLim. Mag./FluxUnitsFilterTel / InstExp-timeObserver/sRemarks
253732018-02-11 04:36:09180.0519.2VegaMagClear-Other_Other30S.Leonini, M.Conti, P.Rosi, L.M.Tinjaca Ramirez0.53m f/8.7
253722017-06-12 02:34:0019.2VegaMagClear-Other_Other30S.Leonini, M.Conti, P.Rosi, L.M.Tinjaca Ramirez[Last non detection] 0.53m f/8.7
w-PS1PS1_GPC12018-03-17 13:39:21 - 2018-03-17 13:39:211
IDObs-dateMag. / FluxErrLim. Mag./FluxUnitsFilterTel / InstExp-timeObserver/sRemarks
316482018-03-17 13:39:2119.020.0322ABMagw-PS1PS1_GPC145Robot
orange-ATLASATLAS1_ACAM12018-01-12 16:07:40 - 2018-02-03 15:53:162
IDObs-dateMag. / FluxErrLim. Mag./FluxUnitsFilterTel / InstExp-timeObserver/sRemarks
256212018-02-03 15:53:1618.1090.18318.7ABMagorange-ATLASATLAS1_ACAM130Robot
256202018-01-12 16:07:4019.26ABMagorange-ATLASATLAS1_ACAM130Robot[Last non detection]
G-GaiaGaia_Gaia-photometric2017-12-17 16:56:38 - 2018-01-24 20:41:162
IDObs-dateMag. / FluxErrLim. Mag./FluxUnitsFilterTel / InstExp-timeObserver/sRemarks
258392018-01-24 20:41:1618.250.2ABMagG-GaiaGaia_Gaia-photometric60Robot
258382017-12-17 16:56:3821.5ABMagG-GaiaGaia_Gaia-photometricRobot[Last non detection]
AT Reports
IDTime received (UT)SenderReporter/sReportting groupDisc. Data SourceRADECDiscovery date (UT)Discovery Mag.FilterRelated filesAT TypeInternal nameAssoc. GroupsEnd prop. periodRemarks
203352018-07-13 18:26:14PS1_Bot1K. C. Chambers, M. E. Huber, H. Flewelling, E. A. Magnier, A. Schultz, T. Lowe, J. Bulger (IfA, University of Hawaii), S. J. Smartt, K. W. Smith (Queen's University Belfast), J. Tonry, C. Waters, (IfA, University of Hawaii) D. E. Wright (University of Minnesota), D. R. Young (Queen's University Belfast)Pan-STARRS1Pan-STARRS114:27:11.436-02:16:11.182018-03-17 13:39:21.00019.02w-PS1PSNPS18aolPan-STARRS1
171362018-03-05 15:26:46Gaia_Bot1A. Delgado, D. Harrison, S. Hodgkin, M. van Leeuwen, G. Rixon, A. Yoldas (University of Cambridge), on behalf of Gaia Alerts teamGaiaAlertsGaiaAlerts14:27:11.440-02:16:11.212018-01-24 20:41:16.00018.25G-GaiaPSNGaia18anaGaiaAlertsconfirmed SN IIP declining in outskirts of galaxy NGC 5618, aka SN2018rz
170122018-02-19 00:00:02ATLAS_Bot1J. Tonry, B. Stalder, L. Denneau, A. Heinze, H. Weiland (IfA, University of Hawaii), A. Rest (STScI), K.W. Smith, S. J. Smartt, M. Fulton, O. McBrien (Queen's University Belfast)ATLASATLAS14:27:11.439-02:16:10.862018-02-03 15:53:16.00018.109orange-ATLASPSNATLAS18mcmATLAS
168662018-02-12 10:52:14s.leoniniSimone LeoniniISSPISSP14:27:11.440-02:16:10.072018-02-11 04:36:09.00018Clear-PSNISSPSimone Leonini report the discovery by S. Leonini, M. Conti, P. Rosi and L.M. Tinjaca Ramirez of a PSN (Mag. 18.00CR - UCAC4 catalogue) in NGC5618 at Montarrenti Observatory, Siena, Italy (C88), in the course of Italian Supernovae Search Project using a 0.53m f/8.7 Ritchey-Chretien telescope (+ Apogee Alta U47 CCD camera). No stellar source is visible at the position of the apparent supernova in our past images including one dated 12Th Jun 2017. No known minor planets or variable stars are marked in that position for the time of our observation. Confirmation image taken by Stu Parker on 12th Feb 2018 (UT 09:49:39 - Mag. 18.0CR) with T11 itelescope (0.50m - f/6.8) from Mayhill, New Mexico, USA
Related files
FileFile TypeCommentsLast Modified (UT)Modified By
tns_2018rz_atrep_16866_ISSP.jpgGraphicsdiscovery image2018-02-12 10:52:14s.leonini
Classification Reports
IDTime received (UT)SenderClassifier/sGroupClassificationRedshiftRelated filesAssoc. GroupsEnd prop. periodRemarksADS Bibcode
17202018-02-13 06:52:43hlin16H. Lin, D. Xiang, L. Rui, Z. Chen, X. Wang(THU), F. Xiao, H. Wang(NAOC), T. Zhang(NAOC), J. Zhang(YNAO)NoneSN IIP0.02TNTS2018TNSCR.215....1L


Object coordinates updated according to AT-report 17136 of Group GaiaAlerts
Previous RA, DEC: 14:27:11.440, -02:16:10.07 (216.797667, -2.269464)
Updated RA, DEC: 14:27:11.440, -02:16:11.21 (216.797667, -2.269781)