Classification certificate for object 2018ub
TNS Classification Report No. 1729 [ 2018TNSCR.232....1T ]

Date Received (UTC): 2018-02-16 09:26:35
Sender: Dr. Lina Tomasella
Group: Padova-Asiago

Lina Tomasella report/s a classification of object: SN 2018ub

Type: SN II
Redshift: 0.023

Remarks: The redshift of the host galaxy is reported by Grogin et al. 1998 (ApJS 119, via NED, z=0.023356 +/- 0.000053) and it is confirmed from the measurement of the narrow emission superimposed to the broad Halpha feature. A good match is obtained with the Type II Plateau SN 2007od (Inserra et al. 2010, MNRAS 417, 261) two/three weeks after explosion. Along with the prominent Halpha we identify HeI, Hbeta, Hgamma, Fe II, Sc II, and Ca II H&K lines. From the position of the P-Cygni absorption of the Hbeta line, we infer an expansion velocity of ~8400 km/s for the ejected material.

The following Classification spectrum was provided:

Obsdate: 2018-02-14 23:34:00
Instrument: AFOSC
Telescope: Asiago Ekar Telescope

Details of the object and its spectra can be viewed here: