Classification certificate for object 2018yg
TNS Classification Report No. 1764 [ 2018TNSCR.306....1P ]

Date Received (UTC): 2018-03-06 20:30:04
Sender: Jose Prieto
Group: ASAS-SN

J. L. Prieto (UDP/MAS), J. Rupert (MDM), S. Dong, P. Chen (KIAA-PKU), J. Shields, K. Z. Stanek (OSU) report/s a classification of object: SN 2018yg

Type: SN Ic-BL
Redshift: 0.018469

Remarks: We obtained an optical spectrum of ASASSN-18dr on UT 2018 Mar 6.35 with OSMOS mounted on the MDM 2.4m telescope at KPNO. The spectrum has very broad lines consistent with a broad-line Type Ic SN around maximum light. SNID (Blondin & Tonry 2007) provides decent fits with spectral templates from the broad-lined SN Ic 2006aj, SN1998bw and SN2007ce.

The following Classification spectrum was provided:

Obsdate: 2018-03-06 08:28:03
Instrument: OSMOS
Telescope: MDM 2.4m Hiltner

Details of the object and its spectra can be viewed here: