Discovery certificate for object 2019olv
TNS Astronomical Transient Report No. 44964 [ 2019TNSTR1603....1J ]

Date Received (UTC): 2019-08-24 03:59:03
Sender: Mr. Cristovao Jacques
Reporting Group: BraTS     Discovery Data Source: BraTS

Cristovao Jacques, Leonardo Amaral, Carlos Colesanti, Eduardo Pimentel, Israel Mussi, Joao Ribeiro, Marcelo Domingues, Paulo Holvorcem, Tasso Napoleao on behalf of the Brazilian Transient Search (BraTS) report/s the discovery of a new astronomical transient.

IAU Designation: AT 2019olv
Discoverer internal name: BraTS-SON-T2-007
Coordinates (J2000): RA = 19:12:52.760 (288.219833) DEC = -41:25:30.70 (-41.425194)
Discovery date: 2019-08-23 23:31:12.000 (JD=2458719.48)


Discovery (first detection):
Discovery date: 2019-08-23 23:31:12.000
Flux: 15.1 Other
Filter: Clear-
Instrument: Other
Telescope: Other

Remarks: Telescope astrograph 11" f/2.2

Last non-detection:
Last non-detection date: 2019-06-09 02:24:00
Limiting flux: 16.5 Other
Filter: Clear-
Instrument: Other
Telescope: Other

Details of the new object can be viewed here: