Classification certificate for object 2019yv
TNS Classification Report No. 3449 [ 2019TNSCR.160....1C ]

Date Received (UTC): 2019-01-28 10:06:09
Sender: Dr. Morgan Fraser
Group: NUTS

Emma Callis (UCD), Subo Dong (KIAA-PKU), Morgan Fraser (UCD), Andrea Pastorello (Padova), F. J. Galindo-Guil (NOT) report/s a classification of object: AT 2019yv

Type: Galaxy
Redshift: 0.015

Remarks: We see a red spectrum consistent with host galaxy light, and without any obvious SN or TDE features

The following Classification spectrum was provided:

Obsdate: 2019-01-26 03:18:28
Instrument: ALFOSC
Telescope: Nordic Optical Telescope

Details of the object and its spectra can be viewed here: