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IDsort descendingNameRepsClassRADECObj. TypeRedshiftHost NameHost RedshiftReporting Group/sDiscovery Data Source/sClassifying Group/sAssociated Group/sDisc. Internal NameDisc. Instrument/sClass. Instrument/sTNS ATPublicEnd Prop. PeriodObject SpectraDiscovery Mag/FluxDiscovery FilterDiscovery Date (UT)SenderRemarksSourcesBibcodeExt. catalog/s
53152AT 2020bbf304:11:39.735-20:39:49.19ZTF, ATLAS, Pan-STARRS1ZTF, ATLAS, Pan-STARRS1ATLAS, Pan-STARRS1, ZTFZTF20aahacrwATLAS1 - ACAM1, P48 - ZTF-Cam, PS1 - GPC1YY19.58g-ZTF2020-01-24 04:39:32.000ZTF_AMPEL_NEW
AT reports
IDTime Received (UT)SenderReporter/s (Discoverer/s)Reporting GroupDisc. Data SourceRADECDiscovery Date (UT)Discovery Mag.FilterPhotometryRelated FilesAT TypeHost NameHost RedshiftInternal NameAssoc. GroupsEnd Prop. PeriodRemarks
670982020-04-12 11:47:33PS1_Bot1K. C. Chambers, T. de Boer, J. Bulger, J. Fairlamb, M. Huber, C.-C. Lin, T. Lowe, E. Magnier, A. Schultz, R. J. Wainscoat, M. Willman (IfA, University of Hawaii), K. W. Smith, D. R. Young, O. McBrien, J. Gillanders. S. Srivastav, S. J. Smartt, D. O'Neill, P. Clark, S. Sim (Queen's University Belfast), D. E. Wright (University of Minnesota)Pan-STARRS1Pan-STARRS104:11:39.735-20:39:49.192020-01-22 06:31:40.80019.7w-PS11PSNPS20bqyPan-STARRS1
IDObs-date (UT)Mag. / FluxErrLim. Mag./FluxUnitsFilterTel / InstExp-timeObserverRemarks
1294682020-01-22 06:31:4119.70.0222ABMagw-PS1PS1_GPC145Robot
606112020-01-30 15:55:48ATLAS_Bot1J. Tonry, L. Denneau, A. Heinze, H. Weiland, H. Flewelling (IfA, University of Hawaii), B. Stalder (LSST), A. Rest (STScI), C. Stubbs (Harvard University), K. W. Smith, S. J. Smartt, D. R. Young, S. Srivastav, O. McBrien, D. O'Neill, P. Clark, M. Fulton, J. Gillanders, M. Dobson (Queen's University Belfast), T.-W. Chen (MPE), D. E. Wright (University of Minnesota), J. Anderson (ESO)ATLASATLAS04:11:39.727-20:39:49.182020-01-25 08:41:16.00019.569cyan-ATLAS2PSNATLAS20cosATLAS
IDObs-date (UT)Mag. / FluxErrLim. Mag./FluxUnitsFilterTel / InstExp-timeObserverRemarks
1177412020-01-25 08:41:1619.5690.18719.66ABMagcyan-ATLASATLAS1_ACAM130Robot
1177402020-01-23 08:23:5919.54ABMagorange-ATLASATLAS1_ACAM130Robot[Last non detection]
601412020-01-27 05:45:17ZTF_AMPEL_NEWJ. Nordin, V. Brinnel, M. Giomi, J. van Santen (HU Berlin), A. Gal-Yam, O. Yaron, S. Schulze (Weizmann) on behalf of ZTFZTFZTF04:11:39.725-20:39:49.352020-01-24 04:39:32.00019.58g-ZTF3PSNZTF20aahacrwZTFSee arXiv:1904.05922 for selection criteria.
IDObs-date (UT)Mag. / FluxErrLim. Mag./FluxUnitsFilterTel / InstExp-timeObserverRemarks
1166772020-01-27 03:57:2719.430.1520.23ABMagg-ZTFP48_ZTF-Cam30
1166762020-01-24 04:39:3219.580.1520.22ABMagg-ZTFP48_ZTF-Cam30
1166752020-01-15 03:32:1920.1019ABMagg-ZTFP48_ZTF-Cam30[Last non detection]